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Our Motto


यत्र गाव: प्रसन्नाः स्युः प्रसन्नास्तत्र सम्पदः । यत्र गावो विषण्णाः स्युर्विषण्णास्तत्र सम्पदः ॥ जहाँ गायें प्रसन्न रहती है, वहाँ सभी सम्पत्तियाँ प्रसन्न रहती हैं। जहाँ गायें दुःख पाती हैं, वहाँ सारी सम्पदायें दुःखी हो जाती हैं।।

- Bhagwat Geeta


Know the Incredible Benefits of Cow​

Religious and Cultural Benefits

The cow is a symbol of the divine bounty of earth. Ayurveda understands that some physical and emotional health crisis cannot be healed by diet and herbs alone. They need the deeper and subtler healing of these types of Vedic ritual ceremonies to clear astrological past karma. The holy cow again offers its bounty by providing the ingredients in the Panchamrit, or blessed drink, that is distributed after the ceremony.

Scientific Benefits and Cow Products

Cows are very beneficial to us. They provide us milk which is a great source of protein. Milk is used to make many dairy products like butter, ghee, cream, yoghurt, etc. Scientific research has found that the ritual of burning cow dung and ghee as fuel for these sacred fires, actually purifies the air, and has anti-pollutant and anti-radiation qualities in the environment.Cow dung is used as a fuel and a fertilizer. The manure helps in growing plants.

Gau Seva Sukhprada

This Organization is Committed Towards Cow by Doing the Following Activities

Cow protection

In the Vedic tradition, cows are worshipped as mothers. Just as a child feeds on the breast milk of the mother, human society takes milk from the cow.


Our goal is to inspire people to serve the native Indian cows and produce pure milk for the country and teach them to become self-reliant by keeping a desi cow.

Sheltering & Feeding

To Shelter and feed all desi cows saved or protected by us. Here all the cows are given proper shelter and food.


The greatest authority, herein clearly indicate thatone becomes pious simply by keeping cows and protecting them.”

This project is in planning stage. We need funds to make it happen.

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